Cloud-Based Healthcare

  • The Medtrum cloud-based healthcare system consists of the Medtrum Mobile Apps EasyTouch®, EasySense®, EasyFollow® and the Medtrum EasyView® Website, combining information technology with advanced medical devices, thus providing a complete picture of the patients' diabetes management for the patients themselves, their families, and the healthcare providers.

Medtrum EasyTouch® EasySense®

  • Healthcare in your pocket anytime and anywhere
  • Real-time glucose monitoring or pump status
  • Data never lost, reconnection and upload all automatic
  • Personalized alerts and reminders, advanced safety features
  • Health information shared with loved ones and healthcare professionals at your own convenience

Anytime Anywheree

Medtrum EasyView Website

  • Secure data storage, smart data analysis
  • Easy-to-understand graphs visualize and analyze glucose values, insulin delivery, food intake and other events
  • A full range of printable reports facilitate the evaluation of patient's glucose control
  • Healthcare professionals can easily check the information of all their patients
Compatible device and software